Dr. Teresa M. Leverett has been board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine since 1994.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Direct Primary Care

Members enjoy the following benefits:

  • Complete physical wellness assessment, an EKG and a complete review of all your medications and supplements
  • Same day and next-day appointments
  • Extended visits, up to an hour 
  • A focused individualized health plan 
  • Enhanced, secure access to your doctor by phone, email and skype
  • Customized Patient Portal


DO YOU have the time with your doctor that you need? Have you been shuffled around to doctors that you don't know because your doctors keep leaving? Have you been given a diagnosis such as high blood pressure, diabetes, anxiety, or metabolic syndrome only to be told to take pills and come back in 3 months for another rushed 7 1/2 minutes with a "provider" that stares at the computer screen the whole time? Do you feel your doctor has made time for you to answer your questions and understands how important your concerns are?  Do you feel like you are being treated like a number instead of as a whole human being?

At Freedom Family Practice our goal is to return to the tradition of family medicine where the doctor works for YOU and not insurance companies or hospital organizations that treat you like a number. We provide all your routine medical care without the hassle of dealing with a typical medical office. We work for our members directly#, scheduling no more than ten appointments daily. The doctor is not rushed and is focused on you, not a computer screen. You will have your questions answered and your concerns managed. This is not the high-priced "Concierge" approach but rather an affordable low monthly fee of just $59* to become a member.

* See complete pricing under "Fee Schedule" tab.        

#Find out more about Direct Primary Care.

Included in your membership at no extra charge:

Physical wellness assessment, an EKG and a complete review of all your medications and supplements to tailor a health plan for you.

When you need an appointment, even if you are a new patient, you will get one within 1 business day. You will see YOUR doctor that knows your health history. You will get the doctor's cell phone number, have access to secure Skype, email, patient portal and even house calls if you need it.


Mission Statement

Create an environment that promotes long-term health and wellbeing by providing routine medical care at an affordable price and eliminating the barriers between the doctor and the patients.


Good health should be available and achievable for everyone. Life is complicated enough and by simplifying someone’s connection and access to a health care provider this becomes a realistic goal. Most people do not need to see specialists to get and stay healthy. You need to know that when you call, your doctor knows you and will work with you in any way possible, office visit, phone, email, skype, to help you with your health goals. Freedom Family Practice was created to provide comprehensive high-quality care for a low monthly fee to individuals and families through a membership-based patient-centered medical home. You will receive a high level of personal care with a strong emphasis on wellness and healthy lifestyle. 


Your monthly fee is not insurance and it does not eliminate the need for a qualified health plan as defined in the Affordable Care Act. You can determine what type of policy is best for you by discussing your options with your employer or a health plan advisor at the New Hampshire Insurance Department at (603) 271-2261, (800) 852-3416 or on the web at: http://www.coveringnewhampshire.org/about-marketplace

Please do not submit any Protected Health Information (PHI).

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